401 Bainbridge Street

So the other day, my mom and I were looking through photo albums and we came across this picture of me when I was 3 in front of our family brownstone in Brooklyn. Have you ever had one of those moments where you are transported back immediately to another time in your life? Well this picture brought me right back. What you can’t see is that I was walking my little white bunny rabbit that my “Granny” had given me for my birthday!

Me at the Age of 3 in front of Brownstone in Brooklyn

Frosty memories
Burning bright
Plaided coats
Stairs of flight
Neighbors bored
Dogs are barking
Hammocks swinging
Breezes lurking
Granny cooking
Family meals
Big brownstone
Memories sealed
Three tier story
Running wild
Basement spiders
Scary child

These the memories of the making
Burning zest, it’s for the taking
Loved ones all in harmony
Sun shined draped security
Memories gone and memories past
In the mind, they’ll always last.

 — Poem written by Felicia M. Lopes

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