Kathleen Cooke is now Blogging with Be-A-BusyGal!

It is my vision to have many bloggers writing on Be-A-BusyGal.   To that end, I’m so excited to announce that Hollywood actress, business woman, and founding partner (with her husband Phil) of Cooke Pictures (cookepictures.com), Kathleen Cooke, has given Be-A-BusyGal permission to re-publish her blogs and articles from there original sources!  Please join me in welcoming her to the BusyGal family!

This is Kathleen’s page:  http://wp.me/P4gbLg-dX

Kathleen Cooke

Kathleen CookeAn actress, businesswoman, writer and speaker, Kathleen is a founding partner (with husband, Phil Cooke) and VP at Cooke Pictures in Burbank CA (cookepictures.com). Kathleen is responsible for casting and providing creative consulting for CP’s projects and productions which include some of the leading nonprofits and ministries in the country. She is on the advisory board for the Hollywood Prayer Network and Hollywood Connect and is the former director of Christian Women In Media Association Hollywood/West Coast. She and Phil recently launched The Influence Lab Foundation, influencelab.com, focusing on research, teaching and training the next generation of media professionals. She is the editor of the monthly publication of Influence Women, influencelab.com/women.

Web/blog: kathleencooke.com, Twitter: kathycooke

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