News That Matters to Women and the Men that love Us

Monday, 8/4/14 | Evening Edition

I decided, as woman and as  founder of  BusyGal Corp , I wanted to create opportunities for women to know their worth, know their power, and experience the satisfaction of knowing themselves fully!  My dream is that through this daily publication, we can be inspired to reach our highest levels, take the reigns of our lives and reach for our dreams, no matter what we face in life!  It is my desire that for all of you – men and women – who read this Daily Paper that you will walk away with nuggets of truth and burning possibilities for your life and your journey.

Start May 2014, The BusyGal Daily Buzz, is a collection of news articles found around the globe on various subjects that are intellectually stimulating, appealing, provocative, and entertaining.  Feel free to share and spread the love with your friends, co-workers, etc…

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