Who is a BusyGal™?



I am a great fan of Huffington Posts’ The Third Metric, so, when I saw this article, 12 Things Successful Women Do Differently  (8/26/2013) I just knew that this was the perfect definition of a BusyGal™.

  1. We are Passionate about what we do.
  2. We don’t expect Perfection of ourselves or those around us.
  3. Often, we become the boss!
  4. We marry well–or not at all.
  5. We believe that we will be successful!
  6. We are not afraid to take risks.
  7. We know that failure goes hand-in-hand with success.
  8. We take care of ourselves physically and spiritually
  9. We know that our to-do lists will never be completed and we’re okay with that.
  10. We make sure to schedule alone time.
  11. We know how to foster genuine relationships–and keep them strong.
  12. We express gratitude to those around us.

What defines a BusyGal™?

BUSY | adjective \ˈbi-zē\
: actively doing something  : full of people. work, or things

 The key words that I focus on are ….    


  • Active in Life
  • Active with People
  • Active in Play
  • Active in Work
  • Active in Rest



  • Full of Hope
  • Full of Faith
  • Full of Passion
  • Full of Thankfulness
  • Full of Purpose

The 5 values that a BusyGal™ lives by…

  1. BusyGals operate on the belief that we women need to become more independent and empowered, authentic to who we are, live lives of purpose and passion, and ultimately defy the gravity of financial strongholds that keep us down.
  2. BusyGals are overcomers because we turn negative situations into opportunities for growth and inner reflection so that we can conquer negative circumstances and become victorious in all that we do!
  3. BusyGals improve all we set out to do for ourselves and others. Through our own productivity and belief in the Higher Power outside of ourselves, we BusyGals don’t wait for others to make our dreams come true, instead we accomplish that task on our own.
  4. BusyGals soar on our own wings of potential through our unique personal style and innovation.
  5. BusyGals never wonder What happened?”…. Instead… We Make It Happen!

I hope you’ll enjoy my Be-A-BusyGal Blog and I invite you to join me in this new platform for women to express ourselves and discover the power of who God made us to be!

Felicia M. Lopes
The BusyGal

2 thoughts on “Who is a BusyGal™?

  1. I definitely am a “busy gal”. I look forward to reading your blogs and being inspired as life continues to unfold, often in unexpected ways. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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