Carla HammodCarla Chambers Hammond MD, is the Founder of On Eagle’s Wings Counseling and Consulting Services based in Central New Jersey.   She is a Board Certified Psychiatrist, specializing in Addictions, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry as well as an active member of the American Psychiatric Association, American Association of Addiction Psychiatry and the American Society of Addiction Medicine.  She is licensed to practice medicine in both California and NJ.  She came to know Jesus as Lord and Savior in 1981. and has attended Faith Fellowship World Outreach Center since 1996; she has been a member since 2004.  Carla graduated from 2 year part-time Biblical Learning Program at FFWOC in Spring of 2008 and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counseling, holding an Advanced Diploma in Biblical Counseling from Light University.  She enjoys her life first as a child of God, second as a Wife of 1, Mother of 4 and thirdly as a Medical Doctor dedicated to the practice of healing and wholeness.

Be-A-BusyGal Posting Date:  April 9, 2014 | Posting #1

2 glasses of wineLady Drinkingliquor

Ladies are you Celebrating or Self Medicating?

To Drink or Not to Drink?   That is the REAL Question!tv_controls

This issue has run through my mind several times while flipping through TV channels.

Have you noticed that in so many TV shows, someone always has a drink in their hand.

Drinking usually starts as a group activity, innocently in the bar after work or with friends, hanging out having the best time of your life!

group drinkingIt can easily turn into a serious problem that needs to be discussed!

  • Alcoholism can lead to addiction
  • Leaving people vulnerable to DUI
  • At the mercy of others,  often becoming a victim of crime and rape —
  • Not to mention loss of productivity on the job
  • Medical problems such as premature aging, seizures  and liver problems —
  • Mental health issues such as dementia, depression, hallucinations and panic attacks

Because alcohol is legal and on every corner today,  as a society we don’t see it as harmful.


I’m just saying….

Let’s think about our actions when we choose to drink!!!

Assuring a safe and happy ending to each and every day!

— Dr. Carla Hammond, MD

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