We women are resilient!   We bounce back.  

I am interested in compiling stories from real, ordinary, women who have gone through challenges that they personally never thought they’d survive, but in fact did, and came out stronger because of the experience.  If this is you, read on!

I invite you to participate in a venture called Project Inspiration | Aspiration.

I want to know how you overcame your own, personal adversity – whatever it was.  I don’t care if was  a sickness, a divorce, a financial or career catastrophe, a sexual problem, a death, a demonic attack,… whatever!   As long as the situation was real and a personal nightmare for you, I want to hear about it.  I am most interested in how you are now victorious over the circumstances and what you learned in the process.  My goal is to collect 200+ stories that are meaningful, emotional and powerful because I ultimately am writing a novel to inspire women to get past their circumstances and reach for the victory that is inherently theirs!

I hope you will help me.

Please submit your story (one page is preferred / maximum length of 2-3 pages | no more than 1000 words) and your current photograph, location (e.i. New York City), full name, and contact information to us using the Contact Us Form and I will publish your story on the Be-A-BusyGal Blog.  If you are less inclined to write it out yourself, but you know that your story is amazing, I can interview you, so, please email me with the subject heading “Request for an Interview”, and we will then set up a time for a telephone conference call or if you are located in the NYC area, a meet and greet!

If you’re writing out your tale, here are the questions you need to answer within the body of the story:

  1. Describe your Hell; the hardest, most difficult period of your life that you personally went through.
  2. How did you overcame the problem or difficulty?
  3. From this difficulty, what did you learn about yourself and about life, that made you a better, more compassionate woman?  
  4. What advice do you have to give other women who are currently experiencing their own personal nightmares?

Felicia M. Lopes
The BusyGal

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