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MEETPam Donnelly

Come walk with Me. Talk with Me in the cool of the day.Cropped-Head-Shot-of-Pam-154x300
There’s much to understand. There’s much I have to say.
So many cry out and ask of Me, not many want to spend time with Me.

There’s so much that I have to say, so much to share, so much to give away.
But my children don’t want to hear from Me.
They only want what they want from Me.
They desire my hand and not My face.
How sad this is to see, for they seek the things, not realizing all they seek is found in Me.

–by Pamela Joy,
from her soon to be released book – Believe! God in Me, God in You

Question 1Being the primary care giver prior to her mother Dorothy’s death, took an emotional and physical toll on Pam’s body and spirit.   Her mother had many issues, which began with lung cancer and was complicated by additional illnesses and medication side effects ultimately keeping Dorothy in continual pain and torment.  Pam therefore was unceasingly stressed out — 24/7!   She watched her mother go through this physical torture which wore away at her own soul.  She couldn’t leave Dorothy’s bedside for even a moment without her mother literally screaming out, yet she still had all the responsibilities of wife and mother of 2 little girls.  In fact, several nurses were hired, fired and/or quit over a 4 month period of time, because Dorothy was extremely difficult and didn’t want them to care for her.  She only seemed to calm down when Pam was physically in the room, tending to her personally.  Dorothy’s only comfort was Pam – but her illness, was sucking the life out of her daughter!

This continuously stressful existence, created a physical reaction in Pam, where by her doctors tested her and the results came back stating that she had developed several physical issues herself whereas prior to her mother’s illness, she was the very picture of health.  Thus the caregiver, was now in danger of actually needing medical attention herself!   To add insult to injury, for the first time in her life as a result of this stress, Pam gained over 30 pounds, which was too much to bear for her petite body frame.

Question 2What started her on the path of transformation, she credits to deepening her personal relationship with God.  She started to listen to what He was telling her spirit which was to love Dorothy unconditionally,…

“You desire her love, her approval.  You desire her delivered and healed.  You desire her not to judge you or your desires.  I desire for her to return to Me in full.  I love her, she is such a special daughter to Me.  I want to ease her pain.  I want to give her life.  I want to commune with her.  I desire to see my plans fulfilled in her.  You know her pain, you know her sorrow, you know her fear.  She controls because she fears.  She needs our love.  She is not able to receive it from Me.  She needs your approval, no matter what she says.  Concentrate on your fullness not your lack.  Your light is Me.  Let me love her through you, let Me accept her as she is, through you…   I do not mean tolerate.  I mean lovingly draw your lines.  She will not drain you, if you concentrate on My fullness in you.  Be brave, be strong.  Be alert.  This will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done.  Doubt no more, lay down pride and control, lay down convenience.  This is your commision.”

After Pam did what God told her to do, her resentment of her circumstances and her mother’s situation soon turned into thankfulness that she could take care of Dorothy during her last days on earth.  Even after she learned how to love her the way He created Dorothy to be loved, God also instructed Pam,

“You must take care of yourself!  You must break the cycle of Working and Doing and Moving and just SLOW DOWN!  Get back into prioritizing yourself and replenish yourself!”

Question 3Life can be difficult, but there’s always something beautiful in the midst of it.  There’s something wonderful being “birthed” in the horrible times!  Pam states, quite profoundly,

“I learned that I really matter to God, to myself and to the world.  There is something unique and quite important that I am designed to do.  It made me a better woman because I learned to accept people right where they are and not to judge any one at any point at any time… including myself!  I also learned, I am NOT God.  The only job I have is to love .”

Question 4

The final piece of advice that Pam leaves us with is, “Give God your nightmares and your mess.  You in yourself could never bring beauty out of ashes, like God can.   He wants to love you out of the mess.  Let Him in; invite Him in.  Ask Him for his help.  If you know God, let Him take you deeper into His Peace and great love.  If you don’t know God, seek Him, you will find Him.  He wants to be found.”

by Felicia M. Lopes

Pamela Joy, founder of Return To Eden, holistic health coach, personal trainer and author has studied and researched health and fitness for over 25 years. She received her formal training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is accredited by the American Association for Drugless Practitioners. Pamela Joy was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Pamela Joy has seen many people over the years and it became quite obvious to her that health is not just a physical issue. A persons spirit, soul and body are equally important to health and well-being.

As a child, Pamela Joy was deeply fascinated by how things worked. She directed this fascination into studying how the spirit, soul and body worked and how they all came together in one beautiful human being. Sadly, she found that spirit and soul health were often neglected. Why was this? Many clients knew what they needed to do to sustain health, yet they were unable to do so. There was often a conflict between what the person said they wanted and what they actually believed. As a man thinks, so he is.

Pamela Joy believes that each person is uniquely designed with an intelligence that science still can not fully understand. Within this design our bodies were given an innate ability to heal itself. When we feed our body, soul and spirit the nutrients they require the entire being will heal itself and blossom. We really have been given everything we need to heal and renew. Each person carries their own “roadmap to health” within them. Recognizing and strengthening ones spirit as well as giving attention to their body and soul will reveal their specific “roadmap to health.” We all will prosper and be in good health, as our souls prosper!

Pamela Joy loves seeing people healed and set free from everything that binds them. So come, return to Eden and live the amazing life you were created to live!

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