“My Love’s AGAPE!”

In honor of Valentine’s Day – here’s a video that perfectly describes the four types of LOVE.

Produced by BADD (BelAir Drama Department) Ministry at the church I attend when I’m in Los Angeles,  BelAir Presbyterian. This amazing video featuring THE BADD STREET BOYS is funny yet relevant about the true nature of love. 

For your reference, here’s the types of God’s Love as expressed in the song…

  • STORGE – that’s love that’s like a mother
  • EROS – (sex) that’s love not mentioned in church
  • PHILIA – that’s love that’s like a good friend
  • AGAPE – the highest love that He calls us to; the love that NEVER goes away!



Well it’s been a couple of days, so here are 3 more ways to know that you’re a BusyGal.

  • You get caught up on current events by scanning the tabloid headlines in the line at the grocery store.
  • You contemplate moving to China to gain the extra day.
  • You mentally multitask during sex.

Stay tuned for more next week!

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Gladys is absolutely a BusyGal!

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This is my life!

This is my life!

Do you ever feel like this! Maybe it’s time to do something about it!