The Bend in the Road

Did you go through something in your life that was extraordinarily difficult?
I am interested in compiling stories from real, ordinary, Women Over 40 who have gone through challenges that they personally never thought they’d survive, but in fact did, and came out stronger because of the experience.
I want to know how you overcame your own, personal adversity – whatever it was.  I don’t care if was a serious illness, a divorce, a financial or career catastrophe, a sexual problem, a death, a demonic attack,… whatever :)!   As long as the situation was real and a personal nightmare for you, I want to hear about it.  I am most interested in how you are now victorious over the circumstances and what you learned in the process.
Please fill out this form in detail with your  story by answering these four questions then send me a high res photo (800 x 800 pixels) of YOU to  Make sure to tell me your name when you send the picture so that I can associate the filled out form with your picture.

~Felicia M. Lopes / The Original BusyGal

If you are less inclined to write it out yourself, but you know that your story is amazing, I can interview you, so, please email me at with the subject heading “Request for an Interview”, and I we can then set up a time for a telephone or Skype conference call.

Please note that by filling out and submitting this form, you are granting BusyGal, LLC permission to utilize your name, story and image in this blog and in any future publications produced by BusyGal, LLC.

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