You Know You’re a BusyGal™ If…


Well it’s been 3 weeks since we posted so here’s more to laugh at ourselves about!

  • You wear pants instead of skirts so you don’t have to shave your legs.
  • You become distracted mid-application and manage to put deodorant on only one armpit.
  • You can’t sleep because your brain won’t stop working on the six projects you’re juggling even when your body is bone tired, and the only effect sleeping pills have on you is the sudden supernatural ability to make French toast in the middle of the night (which you discover when you find the syrup-covered plate on your nightstand).

Keep smiling!

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Happy International Women’s Day!

Tomorrow, March 8th is International Women’s Day!  This is such an exciting time to be a Woman in this world!

Please visit this wonderful website, International Women’s Day to see what the excitement is all about! Continue reading “Happy International Women’s Day!”

Daddy’s Little Girl

Whenever my father calls, the first thing he says in his deep and resonant baritone voice,

“Hi there, little girl, this is your father!”

As though I would not know that!  I am a 5’10” middle aged woman, and I’m still his “Little Girl” – go figure!

But I’ve got to tell you something… I am a Daddy’s girl!  I know who I am because my Daddy loves me and I am blessed because he’s still here on this planet at the age of 77 year old as of this coming May!  Even when my parents divorced, I never, ever questioned his love for me.  THAT IS SO IMPORTANT for a little girl. 

I know that so many of us have poor self esteems and relate to men so badly because, Daddy just wasn’t there.  A good relationship with a man is really strongly tied to a woman’s relationship with her dad.  It will affect how she relates to all men!

This video says it all… It really brought me back to the time when I was a little girl and my Daddy would go out of his way to play with me and my brother, and he really would get into!

I hope you too are a Daddy’s Girl too!




So, we’re back for more chuckles!

  • You bought stock in caffeine pills and coffee.
  • You vaguely remember having a social life.
  • You eliminate moisturizer from your nightly routine to save 20 seconds.

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We Need To Teach Our Daughters Well!

A Friend sent this to me on Facebook… Sage Wisdom we  should all appreciate!

Teach our Daughters Well

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Well it’s been a couple of days, so here are 3 more ways to know that you’re a BusyGal.

  • You get caught up on current events by scanning the tabloid headlines in the line at the grocery store.
  • You contemplate moving to China to gain the extra day.
  • You mentally multitask during sex.

Stay tuned for more next week!

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So, ladies we’re all busy in life.  That’s a given.  Therefore we need to take time to laugh at ourselves.  Every few days I will add another couple of lines.  If you think up something that is witty and deserves to be posted here, please email me and I’ll make every effort to put it up within 3 days.

  • A trip to the bathroom becomes a scheduled meeting time.
  • You can’t remember what a full night’s sleep is.
  • Your car is your dining room and sometimes your bed.

More to come!

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